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SR-HM002 Mechanical Hour Meter DC 6~80 volt/ AC 110~250 Volt
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Model No.: SR-HM002

Mechanical Hex Hour Meter for boat, auto, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, lawn tractors, generators...


The quartz hour meter is specially designed for standard industrial timing and supplying data for the reference of maintenance duration for precision equipment. the unit is widely used for tracking engine hours and will allow you to keep track of engine hours so you can monitor service intervals.

  • Reading: 99,999.9 hours
  • Accuracy: 0.1 Quartz
  • Voltage Supply: 6 ~ 50 Volts DC / 110V ~ 250V AC
  • Machnical Vibration: 1~75 HZ, 1~8 gs
  • Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 50
  • Gross weight: 60 g

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