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Model Name: SR-SM001G

Digital GPS Speedometer Backlight Speed Meter Counter Waterproof with High Speed Recall For ATV UTV Motorcycle Automobile Motor Vehicle


This unit works on most of motorcycles. It has a GPS speedometer function, Clock function,Voltage indicator function and some other features.

GPS Speedometer Feature
GPS satellite Positioning to measure and display current speed.
Max speed viewed.
Settable High-speed/low-speed alarms. when speed exceeds the set value(default is 100KM/H,60MI/H,50NMI/H), Red LED flashes to alarm.

Settable speedometer refresh rate: 0.2 seconds / 0.5 seconds.

Clock Features
GPS will automatically positioning UTC.
User set the time by hand.
24 Hours.

Other Features
Easy to install.Green Backlight.
External power of DC 10-24 Volt.
Low-power consumption: standard current 6 A.
Has EEPROM memory and Date storage automatically.
Dustproof / waterproof level: IP65.


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