SR-HM038AD Digital Hour Meter AC/DC 5~277 Volt
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Item No.: SR-HM038AD

Digital AC/DC 5-277 Volt Hour meter for ATV Lawn Mower Chainsaw Compressor Tiller Chipper Marine Farm Tractor Excavator

Item Description:

This hour meter record engine¡¯s running hours by getting the connection with 5-277 Volt AC/DC power.
- Accumulating total running hours TOT, record partial running hours TMR1 & TMR2 .
- Totao hours are non-resettable. Partial hours are resettable.
- Easy to install
- Internal CR2032 battery for data stored automatically and Show the hours of engine when the external power is off
- External 5-277 Volt AC/DC power.
- Read up to 99,999.9 hours and resolution is 0.1 hour
- Record the 2 partial time TMR1 & TMR2 and resettable.

Packaging List:
- 1x hour meter
- 2x Insulation sheaths
- 2x metallic sheaths
- 1x English Instructions
Insulated wires are NOT included in the packaging. Any common insulated wire is OK.

Item Photos

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