SR-HM019J Digital Chainsaw Tachometer
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SR-HM019J Digital Chainsaw Tachometer

Digital Tachometer tach gauge for Chain Saw Cropper Generator Lawn Mower RV ATV Dirt Bike Motocross Boat Tractor and any other gas engine powered device.

Product Description
The operation of this Digital Tachometer Gauge is triggered by a shielded and external lead, clamped the spark plug wire of the engine. Since the unit is triggered by the spark of the engine, the RPM display actual operation of engine. This is useful for any type of Gas engine powered machinery.
Easy to install.
Display RPM of operation when engine is on.
Flash to display Max RPM of operation for 5 seconds when engine is off.
9 Programmable Engine Firing Patterns.
Used on most gas engines from single cylinder to 16 cylinder engines.

RPM Capacity: 25,000 RPM
RPM Accuracy: 10 RPM
RPM refresh rate(sampling time): 0.5 second
Product size: 57 * 35 *17 mm
LCD size: 22 * 16 mm
Internal battery: CR2450 and non-replaceable
IP Rating: IP68
Product N.W. : 52 g
Operating temperature: Standard -10 C to +60 C

1. Works With:
2 Stroke Single Cylinder/ 2 stroke 2 Cylinder/ 2 stroke 3 Cylinders/ 2 stroke 4 cylinder/2 stroke 6 cylinder
4 Stroke Single Cylinder/ 4 Stroke 2 Cylinders/ 4 Stroke 3 Cylinders/ 4 Stroke 4 Cylinders/ 4 Stroke 6 Cylinders/4 Stroke 8 Cylinders/ 4 Stroke 12 Cylinders/ 4 Stroke 16 Cylinders/ Gas powered Devices.

2. The induction wire can be cut off to shorten the length and can be attached another wire to extend the length. any common insulated wire will be ok. It will not affect the operation.

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