SRT-32R LCD engine tach/hour meter with backlight
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Model No.: SRT-32R

Waterproof Multi-function Motocross tach/hour meter with backlight

Item Parameter

Display reading: 99999H

Display reading: 0.1H

JOB: 99999H

SVC: 0-250H

RPM range: 100-20000RPM

RPM alert setting range: 1000-20000RPM

RPM accuracy: 10RPM

Refresh rate: 0.5s / 1.0s

Housing Material: ABS

Waterproof grade: IP68

Display Mode: 22mmí┴44mm LCD

Display window siz visible) : 18*42

Length of cable: 1500mm

battery type; 67mmí┴35mmí┴17mm

battery type: CR2032 210mAH

Item Function Description

Works on Any Gas Engine;

Display RPM when engine is running, Display HOURS when engine is off

Easy Installation - peel & stick;

No power Required - connects to spark plug wire;

Built-in replaceable battery,Indicate battery level.

Large LCD display with backlight

Max 9,999.9 hours,Resolution 0.1 hour; 60000RPM,Resolution 10 RPM

Overspeed alert,Record Max RPM;

100% epoxy encapsulated casing resists water.

Warranty one year.

Item Photos

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