SRT-32RA Backlit Tach Maintenance Hour Meter
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Model No.: SRT-32RA

Waterproof Multi-function Motocross tach/hour meter with backlight

Backlight Digital Tachometer Hour Meter for 2 or 4 Stroke Gasoline Engine RC Toys, PWC, ATV, Motorcycles, Marine Engines, Chain Saws, Tractors, Lawnmowers and any gasoline powered tools

Product Function Description:
Hours Meter Function:
Display total running hours when Engine is OFF, Total hours are non-resettable (TOT).
Record JOB Hours (JOB). JOB hours are resettable
Total Hours display from 0-99,999 hours with 0.1 accuracy.
Programmable Maintenance Interval Time reads from 0-200 hours.

Tachometer Function:
Read RPM when Engine is ON.
RPM Reads up to 20,000 with 10 RPM resolution .
Record and Recall MAXIMUM RPM.
Programmable RPM Aler with RED Backlit Lighting

Product Features
Works on 2 stroke up to 6 Cylinder & 4 stroke up to 16 Cylinder gas engines.
IP rate: IP65.
Programmable Backlit: ON/OFF/AUTO.
Replaceable CR2032 battery.
Programmable Maintenance Interval Timer from 0-200 hours.
Non-resettable total hours.
ON/OFF Switch.
Programmable RPM refresh rate 0.5S / 1S.
Read RPM while engine is running and Display Total hours when engine is off.
2 Years Warranty.

Works With:
2 Stroke 1 Cylinder/ 2 Stroke 2 Cylinder/ 2 Stroke 3 Cylinder/ 2 Stroke 4 Cylinder/ 2 Stroke 6 Cylinder/
4 Stroke 1 Cylinder/ 4 Stroke 2 Cylinders/ 4 Stroke 3 Cylinder/ 4 Stroke 4 Cylinder/ 4 Stroke 5 Cylinder/ 4 Stroke 6 Cylinder/ 4 Stroke 8 Cylinder/ 4 Stroke 12 Cylinder Gas Powered Device.

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