BI004 Battery indicator and hour meter
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Model No.: BI004

Hour meter & Battery indicator, 12/24V, 36V, 48V and 72V Universal

Item Parameter

Item function Battery Indicator with Hour Meter
Capacity 1 red 2 yellow 7 green
Resolution 10% per led segment / 0.1 hour
Operating current 20 MA nomina
Operating Volt 12/24V 36V 48V 72V
Operating Temprature -40กใ-85กใ
Accuracy Around 0.5%
Polarity Positive / negative
Memoery capacity CMOS EEPROM
Display Reading 99,999 hours

Item Function Description

1. 100% quality and Brand new.

2. Works forLead-acidbattery, used for truck, RV'S, Golf cart or any battery operated unit.

3. Temp range: -40F ~ 185F. Connection: Pin+: Battery+, Pin-: Battery-. C-signal output for external use.

4. Operation:Only when the battery is properly charged then the 10th LED (far right) will be lighted. As battery state of charge decreases, successive LED lights up

When 2nd (from left) LED flashes, indicating "energy reserve"

When both 1st and 2nd LED flash, indicating "empty", new battery is needed to replace old one

Battery indicator memorized the battery state is full when leaving factory.

When use with a new battery, it should be powered on for at least 2 minutes to indicate the real battery state

Range indication: Green: 41~100%, Yellow: 21~40%, Red: 20% less

Item Dimension

BI004  (1).JPGBI004  (2).JPG

Item Photos

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